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“Absolutely in love with the stories!
Although sometimes they leave me wanting more.
Truly for readers who want to curl up with a great book.”

– A.C, Google Play Store


“This app is perfect but really new. It has features to come and good stories to get you excited. However, there is no telling if the books will get another addition or when the features will be added. It’s promising but off to a slow start. But, I’ll be patient hoping for more.”

– K.S, Google Play Store


“I’m ecstatic about this game; I can’t wait for self publishing platform & gay stories.”

– A.B, Google Play Store

Featured stories

Bonds of the Ninja

By Michelle Clough

What happens when love and hate collide? Kotaro meets his nemesis, Masatomo, but finds something he never anticipated to feel.

The Time in Between

By Heather Albano

Katarina and her small team of resistance fighters engage in guerrilla warfare against the oppressive Empire. Tonight, their goal is to bring down an airship. Tensions within the team are running high, with a lovers’ quarrel threatening to jeopardize their entire mission.

The House of Pleasures

By Anni Nupponen

Cora has lost the most precious thing. Her ability to feel pleasure. When she receives an invitation to the revered House of Pleasures, what will she find inside?

The Huntsman

By Quinn North

The last words her queen mother said to Ariane were to find him. Find the Huntsman. He will keep you safe.

What is Sana?


Read branching stories anywhere you want, any time you want. With Sana, you never pay for choices and can change freely between stories. Our library updates often with more free stories for you to read.

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Sana offers powerful tools for authors to write branching stories. Writing tools for browser and mobile coming soon!

Create interactive stories for others and build a following. Get feedback and become (an even more) amazing writer.


Branching stories – a new way to read.

When reading a story on Sana, you are occasionally presented with a choice on how the story continues. Choose freely from two options to make the story yours. All choices are hand-crafted by authors.

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