Want Your Romance Stories to Stand Out? Try Interactive Storytelling

It’s never been, simultaneously, both easier and more difficult to be a fiction writer. On one hand, the internet is filled with helpful free resources for authors and large forum communities that offer support and guidance. On the other hand, as the number of tools and resources for authors expand, everyone can now write a story,  and the competition for getting one’s work seen is higher than ever. It’s very easy for one’s work to drown in the masses. For example: There are currently six million books available for Amazon Kindle – and this number grows everyday.

With so many options from which to choose from for readers, it’s never been more important for authors to find new, creative ways of getting their stories to stand out from the rest and engage others. One way to achieve this could be by utilizing branching stories together with us at Sana.

Using branching stories creates interactive storytelling that puts the reader in charge of different situations within the story, and allows them to craft reading experiences that are unique to them. It allows the reader to take the characters’ stories into their own hands, and thus enabling them to develop unique connections with the characters.

Imagine a story in which a man and a woman meet by chance at a coffee shop. They have a conversation and sparks begin to fly. The man then prompts the woman with a question: “Hey, what are you doing tonight? Fancy a few drinks?” In a traditional story, the author would already have decided that the woman would say yes, and the two of them would head out on their romantic date. In an interactive story, the reader could be left with two options: Have the woman say “Yes, of course!” or “Oh no, not today..”. Depending on the choice made by the reader, the man and the woman would either go on a romantic date, or they’d part ways – for now.

Branching stories with interactive storytelling have been around for decades, but only recently have writing tools for authors become more popular and accessible. We at Sana are also developing our own writing tool for branching stories. One of our main objectives with the tool is that any author could with our tool create or experiment with simple story structures for interactive branching stories, without needing to have any experience with interactive fiction or other writing tools. As an author finishes creating a branching story with our writing tool, it can then be submitted to us for publication within the Sana Stories app, where it’s then available to be read and enjoyed by all the Sana Stories app users. Authors are compensated based on how much their story is read.

Reading is an experience, and branching stories is a proven concept of making that experience even more memorable for the reader, while it allows the author to build even more complex worlds and situations for their characters. With a little help, any author has the potential to take on the world of interactive storytelling!

Would you like a sneak-peak at our incoming writing tool for creating branching stories? Before we officially launch the tool for everyone to use, we would like to conduct a test session where we ask authors to try out our tool and give us feedback in order to help us make the tool the best it can be. It doesn’t matter to us if you’re a beginner in interactive storytelling, or an expert in the field, all feedback is welcome!

Additionally: Should you complete a story while testing our writing tool and want to publish it in our Sana Stories app, then we would like to offer a testing fee of 100€/118$ or a giftcard for the same sum, to show our appreciation for helping us polish the tool.

We also offer royalties from your story being read in our app. Do you want to be one of our testers, or wan’t to know more? Send us an email at company@10thmuse.net or reach out to us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and we will happily tell you more!

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