Who are 10th Muse?

Hello from Helsinki, Finland! We are 10th Muse, developers of the Sana app. We are a passionate startup team of avid readers and writers, working hard to bring interactive stories to mobile devices. You can contact us here.

Sana Stories – the app

At 10th Muse, we are working together with authors and communities to create Sana, the best platform for interactive fiction. No images, no animations, no choosing of the protagonist’s hair colour – just pure reading with meaningful choices hand-crafted by authors with easy-to-use tools. Download Sana Stories on the App Store.

Sana allows anyone to publish their stories. We welcome professionals, hobbyists, and fanfiction writers. Share your story!

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Letter from the CEO

I’m Karoliina Korppoo, the CEO and Creative Director of 10th Muse. I’ve worked most of my adult life with games as a Game Designer. I am best known for my work as the Lead Designer of the hit game Cities: Skylines, a city-building simulation game, and for being one of the very few Finns ever invited to talk at the main TED Conference.

I originally ended up doing game design because I loved writing, and was hired by a company that needed someone who could write all game texts and design the world and do some systems on the side. After seven years of designing simulation games, I decided it was time to go back to my roots and try something new.

Reading and writing were a lifeline for me during my school years. If I was not reading, I was writing. I loved to imagine worlds and characters and play around seeing how they would interact. To me, writing has been a continuation from childhood play.

When I got into table top roleplaying games as a teen, I immediately loved the shared storytelling aspects. I self-published two roleplaying games before concentrating fully on my work with game design.

I feel branching stories are something that have huge potential. Games mostly concentrate on game systems, and stories are more of an afterthought or an excuse to make players use the systems. Pure reading allows for much more variation and more complex stories, and it leaves so much more space for imagination.

I originally came up with the concept for Sana when I noticed there was a clear rift between writers and game developers. Writers wanted to explore interactivity and branching stories, but game development limited it because of graphics, and modeling and level design are so expensive and time consuming. That’s when it came to me: Why not make tools for interactive writing and reading without the game layer on top?

My passion has always been to enable others to tell their stories. With Sana, there are endless possibilities for that. <3



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