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Hello everyone, and welcome to the Sana Stories blog!

We wanted to have a place for book reviews and writing tips, so a blog was a natural choice. If you want to learn more about branching stories, interactive stories, or stories published on Sana, this is the place for you!

On Sana app we publish branching romantic fiction. We especially value diversity and inclusiveness, so there are LGBTQ+ stories, hetero romances, and genre fiction such as sci-fi and fantasy. Themes of romance and relationships are the combining factor of all stories.

If you are thinking about writing a story for Sana, knowing what is currently popular is quite handy, so here’s a list of the favourites:

5. “Max and Rose” by Anni Nupponen is a long time favourite. On a starbase on a distant planet is stationed to guard against any new threats after a devastating war. Rose is working on the base as a Station Master, and somehow ends up making a bet with the new commander, Max Ford. Rose is not the one to fall for any pretty face, but Max has stirred the whole base into frantic action to compete for the attention of the new commander.

Tags: Sci-fi, He + She

4. “Bonds of the Ninja” by Michelle Clough tells the story of Kotaro, a ninja warrior hired to kill a warlord. Kotaro knows his old lover, Masamoto, is hired by the warlord he has now set out to kill. They have lots of unfinished business, but Kotaro is focused on the task at hand. Or tries to be…

Tags: Historical, Japan, He + He

3. “Dark Hunger Blue” by LaShawn M. Wanak is an afro-futuristic tale of space, where human consciousness can be transferred into a spaceship, corporations trade in asteroids with no concern to people living on them, and moringa flowers are grown in surprising places. How will things unfold when a person turned into a spaceship runs into his old lover?

Tags: Afro-futurism, Sci-fi, He + She

2. “Sterling” by dave ring is the winner of our Supernatural Romance writing contest. It tells about Declan, a psychic bodyguard, who finds himself in the midst of a power struggle between ancient houses of aurens, immensely powerful creatures that look like humans. Declan would never have suspected that his poor success in dating is also about to turn during this turmoil. 

Tags: Supernatural, He + He

1. “The Primrose” by Heidi McDonald is a historical fiction story about a young british lady in the Victorian era. The main character is a (mostly) proper lady by day, the daughter of a nobleman working in the secret war against pirates, but seems that the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree. There’s also a sequel available on Sana: The Primrose and the Royal Pirate Brigade

Tags: Historical, Victorian, He + She