Upcoming Features & Known issues

Upcoming Features & Known issues

We have compiled a list of features for the tool that we are already planning to add. We’ve also made a list of known bugs within the tool that you don’t need to report to us. We will periodically update these lists, so check this page often!

Upcoming Features:

Writing tool upcoming features:

  • Login with your Sana account
  • Saving feature, being able to edit multiple stories in the tool
  • “My stories” library where you can see and manage all your stories
  • Preview feature so that you can check how your story would look like in the app
  • Publishing your stories through the writing tool

Known bugs and issues:

1. Tree view canvas always readjusts and zooms to it’s original point. If you refresh your browser or open a .sana file and can’t see your story tree anymore, try dragging around the canvas with right click or zooming out to find it.

2. When copy-pasting text content from other writing tools, you might get an error about non allowed characters. Please check if there is any empty space or special characters that you need to remove from your story and the error should disappear.

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