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Writing contest fall 2020

Right now we are hosting a writing contest! Any stories submitted between 23.10.2020-14.2.2020 are eligible to win up to 500€. Read more about the writing contest and its rules here.

What’s the Sana Writing Tool?

With the Sana Writing Tool you can easily create interactive stories. It’s open for everyone and free to use. The Sana Writing Tool is made to be the most intuitive and simple to use tool for writing branching stories and interactive books. Anyone can send their story written with our Writing Tool to be published in the Sana Stories app.

What is the Sana Stories app?

Sana Stories is a free reading app for romantic and erotic original stories, available on AppStore and Google Play. In Sana Stories readers can make interesting choices that affect how the story continues. You can read more about Sana Stories and how it works in our blogpost What is Sana?

What are branching/interactive stories?

At interesting points in the story, as defined by the author, Sana Stories present the reader with two choices that can affect how the story they’re reading continues. Stories that have these options, and the potential for alternative endings and plotlines, is what we call branching stories.

Why should I write branching stories?

Interactive stories create an immersive and exciting experience for a reader, and are fun and easy for authors to create. You can reach new audiences and get noticed by expanding your storytelling to branching stories. Read more about why YOU should start writing branching stories here.

Can I publish a story in Sana?

Anyone can submit a story made with the Sana Writing Tool to be published in the Sana Stories app. We are working on a self-publishing system connected to the Writing Tool! As a thank you for trying out the tool itself, right now we are offering a 50€/$/£ Amazon gift card and a one-month free subscription to the Sana Stories app as a reward for the first 100 submitted stories that follow our guidelines. Read more about publishing your story with us here.

More questions? Contact us!

Send us an email to, or join our Writers’ Group in Facebook. Our team is happy to answer all your questions and help you get started with Sana and interactive writing!

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