10th Muse, a Helsinki-based, majority-female startup, has released Sana: Interactive Stories, a mobile app for branching romantic stories and novelettes on 4th of July 2020

The app allows users to read short stories and novelettes that will periodically ask them to make a choice. Their choices will directly affect how stories unfold, allowing every user to have a personal reading experience. For now, stories within the app are curated. However, a coming update will allow anyone and everyone to upload their own romantic stories and share them with the community.

The founder and CEO of 10th Muse, Karoliina Korppoo, is no stranger to the game industry. She is the former lead designer on Cities: Skylines, Finland’s most-sold PC game worldwide. She is also one of the few Finns who has given a TED talk.

Korppoo sees interactivity as the future of media. “Branching gives players, readers, or viewers a more personalized experience.” she says.

The content in Sana: Interactive Stories is meant to appeal to different genders and sexualities. The app also features accessibility features such as adjustable text sizes and line spacing, night mode, and is also able to be used one-handedly.

Korppoo had long dreamed of running her own company and building a unique team to bring branching fiction to a wider audience.

“There are writers out there who wants to create diverse romantic adventures, but lacking the tools to do so. I wanted to gather a team who could solve that problem, and with it, bring branching fiction to a wider audience.” She explained, “One of the biggest problems I have is that I have so many books, but never the time to read them, and I realised i’m not the only one with this issue. That’s why we wanted to bring bite-size stories to mobile.”

The basic idea behind Sana is according to Korppoo “that it’s like reading a book, but you are presented with options on which directions the story takes.”

Sana: Interactive Stories is now available on the App and Google Play stores.

For more information and press inquiries, please contact Karoliina Korppoo.

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