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The Sexy Lamp Test: How to Write Better Female Characters

In the 1985 edition of her comic strip “Dykes To Watch Out For”, American cartoonist Allison Bechel invented the concept of the Bechdel test. The test is designed to critique the representation of women in media, and asks… Read More

A Simple List Of Character Tropes We Wish Existed In Fiction

Character cliches and tropes are almost always negative, and can quite often imply that an author has not taken enough time to develop their character, or that they are relying on stereotypes to paint their character’s identity. We’ve… Read More

How To Transition From Writing Traditional Stories to Writing Interactive Stories

Starting to write interactive fiction can seem like staring into the vast waters, the possibilities within the genre like waves crashing in, unable to steer the boat clear of the storm.In this post, we’ll discuss five simple steps… Read More