Sana Writing Tool

Sana Writing Tool

Are you interested in writing branching fiction?

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Sana Stories is a mobile app with branching, text-only romantic and sultry stories. We want to make Sana the number one choice for readers of romance, and use the full potential of reading on mobile by allowing stories to have choices that can change how the story unfolds.

The Sana Writing Tool supports branching stories. At any point the story can be split into two branches by presenting the reader with a choice.

The Writing Tool works on any browser, without any need for installing a toolbar or any special add-on. Please take a look at our Getting Started illustrated guide to learn the basics of using the tool.

We want to hear your thoughts on how the Writing Tool works, if it’s easy to use, and any and all feedback regarding how we can improve it. Don’t hesitate to send us a message or a comment. Remember to join our communities on Facebook and Slack.


Getting started

An illustrated guide to using the Sana Writing Tool.

Best practices for branching narratives

A guide on best practices for writing branching narratives.

Upcoming Features & Known Issues

A place where we’ve compiled all of our planned upcoming features for the tool, as well as all known bugs within the tool.

Best practices for cover art

How to create a cover for your story or use of of our ready made covers.


Frequently asked questions about writing branching narratives and using the Sana Writing Tool.

Submit story to be published

As we do not yet have a full publishing system done, you must submit the story made with the Sana Writing Tool to us for publishing by using the above form. It only takes a few minutes.


You are eligible for royalties on any stories accepted. You can also get a testing fee for submitting a story if your story is one of the first 100 stories accepted. Submissions are handled in the chronological order they arrive in, so the faster you submit, the more likely you are to gain a testing fee.

Terms of use

The terms of use. You own all the rights to anything you create with the Sana Writing Tool. You can submit the story to us for publishing, and even then all the intellectual property rights remain with you, the author. If at any time you wish for the story to be taken down, notify us. If you have any concerns, contact us!

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